From Tucson to Los Angeles, Mike is a story teller currently living on the west coast.  A graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in film is his background accompanied with years of experience in the field of visual story telling.   Since seven years old Mike has always had a camera in his hand, and knew exactly what he wanted to do with his career path through cinematic expression, while creating interesting/innovative ways to frame stories.  Mike’s goal is to always deliver a look that coincides with a collaborative creative vision no matter the scale of the project.  




Born and raised in Southern California, Brandon graduated cum laude from the California State University at Los Angeles TV and Film program where he originally pursued becoming a war-time journalist and camera op, but ventured into a more creative career into film production as an AC-turned-producer and now editor. Brandon’s nearly decade long experience in film production of various scales and content allows him to bring Sleepless Format projects to life from music videos, documentary, and video advertising. 



An advocate for the new renaissance of surrealism, Francis crafts stories that take us to the realm of the unconscious. Walsh took an early interest in fictional storytelling and the realms he could visit in his imagination. Vegas born, Virginia raise, Francis moved to Los Angeles and began his work in the film industry as an actor then moved his way over to working in production. Currently developing tv shows, feature films and music videos. Francis has been involved in the industry for over seven years. 


Sleepless Format was born out of dream that became a reality.  This dream was to become our own boss' and provide a service that we felt would bring value and a creative edge into anyones lives or businesses. Stories are the first thing on our mind when delivering videos, films, or any other art piece. Working with the highest caliber colleagues and well thought out ideas is what this company will always deliver in the end.  


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